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Find the Best Roofer With Our Roofing Quotes 10 Questions

Let our “Roofing Quotes 10 Questions” guide you as you look to find a roofing contractor.

Your home is one of the largest assets you will ever own. Protecting your home is of the utmost importance. Whether you have roof damage now, or you are preparing for future storms, your choice of a roofing company needs to be taken care of thoughtfully. You cannot afford to have your roofing project done by a roofing contractor that does not have the highest standards.

You probably already know that you should look at online reviews and some of the common-sense details of finding a roofing contractor. We want you to ask some questions of the roofing companies that you may not have thought about. So many of these questions you may already know but we want to make sure that all the bases are covered so that you are not unpleasantly surprised when your new roof installer is finished.

10 Questions To Ask While Getting Roofing Quotes

  1. Do you have a physical address? I know this may seem like a silly question but you would be surprised at the number of roofing contractors the may only have a P.O. box address. If they do not have a physical address, you can cross this vendor off your roofing quotes list. You want to know that a roofer is local and that they actually have a real address in your area and not just a temporary rent-an-office. There are a lot of storm chasers out there and you don’t want them working on your roof. They may give you the best price, but they may also give you the worst workmanship and won’t be around if you need repairs on the work they have done. Some are new roof installers who are just out for a buck.
  2. Is your roofing company licensed? Some states require roofers to be licensed and some do not. And in those states that do not require a license, many municipalities do. Ask them if this is true for your state. Texas does not require licensing but some cities do. In getting roofing quotes, be sure your roofing contractor is licensed.
  3. Is your company insured? You definitely want to make sure that your roofing contractor has the proper instance. You want to make sure that your roofer is covered so that they are responsible for any possible damages caused during the roofing project. Liability insurance will cover any of these damages that are possibly done to your home.
  4. What kind of guarantees do you offer? Generally, shingles and roofing materials come with their own manufacturer’s warranty. These may range from 25 years to a lifetime warranty. When discussing the type of roofing material you are looking at, this is the time to find out the specific warranty offer. When getting roofing quotes, you should ask a roofer if they guarantee their work. You should be able to call your roofing contractor and have them come back out if you feel there are problems with their workmanship.
  5. Are you a local roofing company? We brought this up a little earlier when discussing whether they have a local address but this is a very important question. You should always choose a local roofing contractor to make sure they will be there in the future if anything goes wrong with your roof.
  6. Can my deductible be written off? In Texas this is definitely a no. It is illegal to have the deductible rolled into the cost of the roof. Roofing companies that say they have a way to take care of your deductible are causing you to be a partner to insurance fraud. You do not want anything to do with a roofer such as this. Generally these roofers will cut corners in order to cover the deductible anyway. Just stay away from these companies. It is not worth it.
  7. Will you tear off everything on the old roof down to the decking? Some roofing contractors like to tear off the shingles and leave the underlayment. the will put a new layer on top of the old. They might tell you that it gives extra protection but in reality it may be covering up problems underneath that may need to be dealt with. A new roof should include all new materials. None of the old roof should be left behind.
  8. Will you replace the decking? Your decking probably won’t need to be replaced. There may be problem areas around the vents or the chimney. If the decking has begun to rot in any of these areas it will need to be replaced. This is the main reason that you want your roofer to tear off the old roof all the way to the decking. This is the only way to discover damage to the decking. If this isn’t replaced it can cause serious damage down the road.
  9. Will you provide a project manager? You may have questions during the project that you would like answered promptly. You will want to have a project manager on hand or at least his phone number in case you need clarification or want to ask questions about the project process.
  10. How do you protect my pool and landscaping? As you are completing questions for your roofing quotes, it is important to know beforehand what steps the roofing company will take to protect your property. Tearing off the old roof creates quite a bit of trash that you do not want lying around on your property. Your roofer should put tarps over vegetation and pools so that the refuse from your roof isn’t all over the property. Your property should look as good or better than when they started. They should also go over the property with a magnet to make sure there are no roofing nails left.

Do your Homework

It is important that you have a list of questions to ask your potential roofing company before you get roofing quotes. The questions you ask now will pay off in the end so that there are no surprises once the roofing project has begun. LIFT Construction is notable in Texas for its commitment to customer service and transparency. We can answer all of these questions positively to give you a great roofing experience. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly here online.

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