hail damage

5 Areas to Inspect for Hail Damage

Once it turns to spring in Texas, homeowners have to watch out for hail damage. Hailstorms can do a great amount of hail damage not only to your roof but also to siding, fences, windows, etc. Hail doesn’t have to be super large to cause damage to your home. It is best to take care of any hail damage as soon as possible so as not to have water damage within your home. The first place that you might want to look at is the bottom of your gutter downspouts. If you see asphalt granules deposited at the bottom of the downspouts it would be a good idea to have your roof inspected by a reputable roofing company. Also if you see pieces of shingles on your lawn, then you might have issues with the integrity of the roofing. And of course, if cars that are not in garages have hail damage, then your roof probably has hail damage as well.

Hail Damage Inspection

Below are five areas you can inspect yourself that you might want to take pictures of to make sure you remember what needs to be fixed.

  1. First off, if there is still hail in your yard you might want to take a picture of it to show the roofing contractor or your insurance adjuster.
  2. If your siding or any wood trim has pockmarks or paint damage from the hail you should note this as well.
  3. You may have broken windows or damage to your air conditioning unit.
  4. Fences may have paint chipping as well from the hail.
  5. Of course, if there are shingles in the yard and if you can visually see missing shingles on your roof, then photograph these as well

Roof Inspection

After you have assessed the damage that you have found, you should probably contact a reputable roofing contractor. Preferably one that does all-around construction and not just roof repairs. You need a professional roof inspection If you have issues with siding, fencing, and windows, it will be beneficial to have one company that can do it all. Severe hail can damage gutters, siding, air conditioners, windows, and fencing as well as your roof. You will want a roofing company you can trust. Make sure that your roofing company will do a roof inspection for free. There is no reason to pay for this inspection. Also, make sure that your roofing contractor is local to your area in Texas.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Next, you should call your insurance agent so that they can have an adjuster come out and survey the hail damage. You will want the roofing company that surveyed the hail damage to be there when your adjuster comes so that they can show the adjuster what they have found. Bringing your home back to normal after one of those nasty Texas hailstorms does not have to be a painful process. A good roofing contractor can restore the beauty of your home without aggravation to your lifestyle.

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