hail season in texas

Preparing for Hail Season in Texas

How You Should Prepare for Hail Season in Texas

Spring is a great time in Texas, but it is also known as hail season in Texas. The temperatures are nice and we can all spend more time outdoors. But we also know that every once in a while we can get some super storms that can bring some really stormy weather. Hail storms are not uncommon and they can bring along with them some pretty nasty destruction. The driving ice pellets (and sometimes ice golf balls). Can cause leaky roofs and dented siding. They can wreak havoc on a house or fence’s paint job. These storms can cause serious bodily harm if you are caught in one of these storms. There are some precautions you can take to help mitigate the problems.

Can I Tell If It’s Going to Hail?

For hail to occur you need a thunderstorm with a high updraft of air and a lot of moisture in the clouds. The clouds need to have a freezing temperature in the layers where the updraft meets the moisture. You might notice a big drop in the temperature. Cold fronts combined with thunderstorms can be an indicator that hail may be part of the storm. Listening to the local weatherman is essential during hail season in Texas.

hail season in texas

How Do I Protect My Home From Hail Season in Texas?

Once a storm has started there is not much you can do to protect your home from the hail. But there are a few things you can do to minimize damage beforehand. Before hail season in Texas begins you need to check whether you have any issues that might add to hail damage.

  1. Keep gutters free from debris. When you encounter a hail storm, the hailstones can clog up your gutters and stop the water flow. This problem is compounded by debris from trees that may cause the clogging to be far worse. This can cause water to back up under your shingles and cause more leaks down the road.
  2. Look to see that your trees are trimmed. Check around your home and make sure that branches won’t hit your home or windows during a hail storm. Keep tree branches trimmed and away from the roof or your windows.
  3. Get a roof inspection. It is important to minimize possible damage from hail by having a roof in good shape to combat the beating it receives from the hail. If your shingles are already failing, a bad hail season can cause severe damage and possible leaking through the roof. A professional roof inspection will be able to tell whether there are issues with the roof you cannot see from the ground.

What should I do when a hail storm is coming?

If you believe that a severe hail storm is on the way, there are some things that you can do in preparation to help mitigate the damage. You want to be prepared and protect some areas from damage.

  1. Keep tabs on weather reports to be ready if hail is in the forecast. The more advanced warning you have the better you can be prepared.
  2. Don’t forget that your pets need protection. Don’t leave your pets outside when you know hail storms are a possibility. Hail can be devastating to animals.
  3. Outdoor patio furniture can take quite a beating and receive a lot of damage during a hail storm. You should make sure they are covered with heavy tarps or even better, stored inside. If you have really high winds, your patio furniture and outside decorations may cause extra damage to your home and property. They can be picked up and carried with the high winds and may hit your house.
  4. Close your doors and windows. Of, course it is common sense to close the doors and windows but you should also close all blinds and draperies if you know that hail is on the way. Having the blinds and drapes closed will lessen the damage if the hail is severe and breaks the glass on your windows and doors. During a storm, you should stay away from the windows because of the possibility of flying glass.

hail season in texas

Check your insurance policy

Hail damage is a good possibility after a hail season in Texas. Not only can your roof receive damage, but also your windows, siding, and other areas of your property might receive hail damage and need to be covered by insurance as well. You should check with your insurance company before this year’s hail season in Texas.  Check that you have proper insurance coverage. Your insurance company will be the one to authorize any repair work on the damage that is done. A good homeowner’s insurance policy will cover all areas of your property in order to repair hail damage. Your home is your castle and you will want to know that the repair work will be covered by your insurance. If you do have hail damage to your roof or other areas of the home, call your insurance company as soon as possible. Take photos afterward if you find damage.

Contact a quality roofing company

Before you receive hail damage to your home or especially after a sizeable storm, contact a reliable roofing company to come to your home and inspect your roof. Before the storm occurs, having a professional roof inspection done will help you to prepare for oncoming bad weather. If your roof is not protected from the weather you may end up with more damage to your home than you expected. A strong roof can withstand a heavy beating by the weather. After a storm, a dependable and professional roofing company can offer an honest assessment of what may need to be done around your home.

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