Roofing Insurance Claim

Help With Filing A Roofing Insurance Claim in Texas

Here in Texas, we have some serious storms that can do some major damage to your home. Knowing how to get help right away and filing a roofing insurance claim to get your house quickly restored is essential.

Whether it be a hail storm or just a heavy wind storm, your home can be at risk of damage to your roof that can cause water leakage into your home. If water damage is not found soon enough, you may incur damage to the structure of your home or even a mold problem. This can cause great expense the longer the problem goes unnoticed. An inspection of your roof by a roofing professional can give you peace of mind as well as make sure that any problems are taken care of. Follow our easy steps to filing a roofing insurance claim in Texas.

Look at Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Before you give your insurance company a call, take a look at your policy. Make sure that you know what’s covered. Generally, wind and hail are usually covered. Check to see if your coverage is for replacement cost or actual cash value.

Replacement cost is just what it sounds like. Your insurance will cover the cost of replacement value. An actual cash value policy, on the other hand, is going to allow for depreciation of the roof depending on how old it is. This payout can be significantly lower than a replacement cost policy. When you give your insurance company a call, have a copy of your policy on hand. You should also know the approximate date of when the storm came through and what type of damage occurred. You will need your policy number as well.

roofing insurance claim

Document The Damage That You Can

If you are able to photograph any damage after a storm, that would be quite helpful. Read our article 5 Things To Do After A Hail Storm.” This will give you some tips on how to report damage and what to look for.  Just make sure you keep safe while looking at the damage. Let a roofing specialist climb up on the roof to survey any damage there.

Have a Professional Roof Inspection Done

You should have a local quality roofing company come out and assess the damage first hand. It is always best to have an estimate on hand when talking with your insurance company. Take a look at our article Choosing The Right Roofing Company In Texas” for advice on how to get the right roofer for your roof restoration.   You should also have your roofing company representative be there when your insurance adjuster arrives. Insurance adjusters are often very busy after a major storm event. Your roofer and the adjuster can compare notes to make sure everything is covered.

Should You Hire A Public Adjuster

First off, what is a public adjuster? A public adjuster is an independent adjuster trained as a specialist in assessing damage and has the ability to document comprehensive details of the damage to your home.   The answer to the question is no, you don’t need a public adjuster. The insurance company’s adjuster should be fine unless you need to file a home insurance complaint against your insurance company. As long as your insurance company is okay with the estimates given, you should be fine. And public adjusters can be pricey.

LIFT Construction Will Help With Your Roofing Insurance Claim

Understanding a roofing insurance claim can seem complicated at times but not to us at LIFT Construction. We work with insurance companies all the time and can help you navigate through the process. You need concise information and estimates for your insurance company to do their job. We will always be here to help, giving you and the insurance company the information that is needed.

Roofing Insurance Claim Points to Remember

  1. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT RATES GOING UP OR CANCELLATION OF YOUR POLICY Wind and hail storms are classified as “acts of God” and as such insurance companies cannot penalize you for filing your roofing insurance claim.
  2. A ROOFING INSURANCE CLAIM NEEDS TO BE FILED IN A TIMELY MANNER Most insurance companies allow you a year’s time from the incident in order to file a roof replacement claim. Check with your insurance company to see what the limitations are.
  3. YOU MUST PAY YOUR OWN DEDUCTIBLE Texas has passed a roofing insurance law that clearly states that roofing companies cannot write-off your deductible in any way. If a roofing company says that they will somehow cover the cost of your insurance deductible you may be a party to insurance fraud.
  4. NEVER HIRE A STORM CHASER Major storms often attract “storm chasers” from all over the country that are looking for fast money. These fly by night roofers take advantage of the situation and are never a good idea to work with. They often offer lower prices but will cut corners to make a profit and will be long gone if you need them in the future. ONLY hire local trusted roofing companies.