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Choosing The Best Texas Roofing Company

When it is time to have your roof repaired or replaced you need to choose the best Texas roofing company. You need to know that your home is in good hands and that the work will be done quickly and professionally. A leaky roof can cause serious damage over time that can become quite costly.

A Local Texas Roofing Company

This is the first question to ask a potential roofer. It is always best to make sure that your roofer is located nearby. Ask for their address and check it out to make sure. Especially after storms, there are a lot of “storm chasers” that come just to take advantage of your need for repairs or a new roof. People that come to your door after a storm are not necessarily bad as long as you check to see if they are a local roofing company. A local company will be around later if you notice any problems that need to be fixed. The “storm chasers” are just in town for the storm and then move on. Never hire a roofing contractor that is not from your area.

A Licensed and Insured Texas Roofing Company

Make sure that the company you choose has the proper licenses and insurance. You should ask a prospective roofer about their licenses and insurance. Being licensed gives you peace of mind that the roofing company knows what they are doing. Having the proper insurance makes sure that your home and property are safe.

A Texas Roofing Company with Reviews and References

Don’t just take a roofer’s word for it how good they are. Ask them about references and also reviews of their work. A good roofer will always have references that you can contact to see how the experience was for the homeowner. Contact the references and ask them how the company was to work with. Ask them how quickly the work was finished. Ask them if there were any problems and if so how they were handled. Online reviews are a good way to see how the roofing company is actually perceived by their customers. You can check their reviews at Yelp, the BBB, their facebook page, and their Google business page. (At LIFT Construction here in north Dallas we keep an aggregation of reviews at our website with links to the other online review sources

Roofer Does Not Pay Your Deductible

If a roofing contractor says that they will cover your deductible you should end your conversation right there. Especially if you live in Texas and need a roof replacement. A new Texas roofing law was passed making it a crime to waive deductibles in any way. You will have to pay your deductible so don’t even talk to a roofer that claims otherwise. That would be insurance fraud.

Roofer Offers Warranties

A good Texas roofing company will not only offer warranties on materials but also on labor. This is important because you don’t want to have to pay for any repairs or materials down the road. A quality roofing company will always come over to fix anything that needs repair

Roofer Replaces Old Wood

First off, you should make sure that the roofing contractor is going to tear off all of the old shingles and underlayment. If the don’t tear off the underlayment they will never see damaged decking underneath. Damaged decking can cause roof leakage. Damaged wood decking under the shingles needs to be replaced if it is rotting or damaged. Most insurance companies won’t cover that cost. A good roofer will replace several of these for free. LIFT Construction replaces up to three sheets at no extra cost to the homeowner.

Roofer Explains the Roofing Process Completely

Find out step by step what the process will be to take care of your repairs or roof replacement. This also includes finding out when they think the job will be completed. You are going to want to know what to expect so you can also plan around the work.

The Roofer is Not the Cheapest

Be wary of a roofer that gives you a lot lower price than all the others. Sorry to say but this contractor will be cutting corners to make up for the low price. You don’t want shortcuts taken on the largest investment you own.

Roofer Offers Large Selection of Roofing Materials

You want to make sure that your roof is going to look good as well as protect your home. Your local roofer should have options for you so that your home will have the best curb appeal as well as protection. There are different styles and colors in roofing materials to make your home look it’s best.

Roofer Offers a Written Contract

Make sure that all of the things you talk about with your prospective roofer are written down. This will keep the expectations on both sides on the same plane. It will obviously be better for both of you if you can always look back at a written agreement.

Roofer is a General Contractor

If you are looking at roofing contractors because you just went through a storm, you might want more than a contractor that just does roofing. If you choose a general contractor that specializes in roofing, they will be able to take care of any other damages you may have incurred. If your siding is damaged or your gutters, windows, or fencing, a general contractor can take care of all your other issues without having to hire separate contractors. It will make your job a lot easier.

Choosing the Best Texas Roofing Company to Serve Your Needs

If you are both honest and forthright with each other you will have a good working relationship. LIFT Construction is a general contractor that can take care of all of your repair and restoration needs. We treat our customers’ homes just like they were our own. Call us and we will send one of our specialists right over for a free assessment.

Call us at (800)-401-6103, and we will send one of our specialists right over for a free assessment. Or, use our online scheduler to schedule your FREE appointment. LIFT Construction is a Texas Roofing Company here to help!